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Christoph Holle

Christoph Holle - Member Profile

Berlin, Germany

MEng, Technical University Berlin
McKinsey & Co

Christoph is running his own business with focus on organizational development since 2016. Prior to that he has held executive positions across many functions incl CPO, GM, COO & CFO. He started his career at McKinsey and holds degrees in electr. eng., business and history. Christoph operates within the triangle of facilitation, coaching and expert consulting, focusing on lasting (behaviour) changes in organizations. He has particular experience in (new) leadership structures, (stuck) digital transformations, executive team development and supporting growth across all company sizes.

He lives in Berlin, has 3 high-school aged daughters and loves to play all ball sports as well as the sax. Christoph is happy to collaborate or jointly develop new offerings in all areas involving change facilitation – structures, processes, people development, simply getting things done and collaborate better – at any place you can reach by train from Berlin. 

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