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Chintan Dhanji

Chintan Dhanji - Member Profile

Los Angeles, CA

MBA, IE Business School
Bain & Co
Discovery Insurance Holdings
Independent Consultant

Chintan Dhanji is a seasoned consultant that has worked strategy consulting with Bain & Co and independently since 2014 where he has worked across the value chain to enhance organization profitability and market share in the telecoms, technology, financial services, healthcare, FMCG and agri-business industries.

Prior to this, he worked as a corporate strategist at Discovery Insurance (ranked second largest insurance brand in the world) where he focused on the development of initiatives to increase customer lifetime value and increase overall market penetration by working across the company to integrate product offerings, farm marketing & sales channels and develop approaches to target high value customers. He is also a qualified actuary that brings strong analytical and financial acumen to every initiative.

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