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Ariane Kristof

Ariane Kristof - Member Profile

Munich, Germany

PhD, The University of Freiburg
Boston Consulting Group
Booz Allen Hamilton
Infineon Technologies
Independent Consultant
Ariane Kristof is an independent HR consultant working internationally out of Germany. After several years of strategy consulting with BCG she has focussed her work on implementation of strategy and organization blueprints for her clients. Her objective is “translating from slides and making transformations come alive in peoples´ behaviors and actions”. She project manages large, multi-site re-org and transformation efforts.

Ariane has lived and worked across various countries in North America, Europe and Africa, and enjoys building and crossing intercultural bridges. She has headed global HR teams in the life sciences, chemical, high-tech, food and professional services industries. Ariane also does significant pro bono work in the not-for-profit sector.

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