The Argument for Going to the Gemba

Dan Markovitz provides a reality check on the concept of management by walking around (MBWA); how the leaders at organizations embracing lean take a different approach, and why the latter is better than the former.

Accessing the Innovation Funds

Robyn M. Bolton provides a few inside tips on how to work with resource constraints and the people who control them when you need to access the resources that will fund your innovation.

The Constraints of Seeing Wrongly

Jason George uses the examples of the stent and Ernst Haeckel’s biogenetic law to tackle the issue of “why bad practice persists even after it’s been proven incorrect,” and how we can overcome common misbeliefs.

How to Avoid the “Manager as Critic” Mode

Jared Simmons identifies the common problem of managing through criticism, and he provides three ways to avoid “manager as critic” behavior to ensure better communication and outcomes.

Where Does Your Company Focus?

Jason George takes a look at the evolution of performance management, how the development path changed, and why an industry’s operating philosophy matters when determining the best path to pursue.

Strategic Decisions and Core Competencies

Luiz Zorzella continues the discussion on how you should think of core competencies as your super-powers, by answering the question: what if I do not find anything?