Sharing the Common Ground for the Common Good

Jason George explains why Toyota’s success in quality control began with building quality relationships, and he illustrates why this model could be a healthier direction for the future of healthcare.  

Leading-Edge Solutions in Healthcare

Foothills, Alberta doesn’t sound like the location of leading-edge solutions, but as Miklos Tompka reveals, it was this location that adopted the Ubiquilux e-motion switch: technology that reduces the risk of hospital acquired infections and that hospital staff finds the technology beneficial and safe. Explore the findings of the controlled study.

Telehealth, Technology, and Tactical Goals

For anyone interested in connected health initiatives, this article published in quotes Afua Branoah Banful on five imperatives for healthcare organizations that can maximize telemedicine success.

The Promise of Precision Medicine

Winton Gibbons provides an update on the status of precision medicine (treatments designed to work for the individual) that identifies the benefits and the challenges.

Use Cases for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Sean McCoy shares a few use cases that illustrate how analytics can reduce expenses and improve earning before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization(EBITDA) in healthcare organizations.

A Startup Story

Eric Peterson shares what he has learned from his failed health tech startup.