7 Reasons You Need an Innovation Strategy

David Burnie’s company blog identifies four major types of innovation and explains why an innovation strategy is the key to success in this age of disruptive technology and globally integrated markets.

Addressing Performance Gaps

There’s been a lot of talk about company culture and how it affects the performance of a business, but Mike Cox dissects that correlation and drives the conversation in the direction of incentives and compensation.

Save Time Using Flow

Hugo Bernier provides the first in a three-part series of posts that explains how to synchronize an iCal feed to a SharePoint event list.

How to Increase Productivity

From Belden Menkus, this evergreen post explores the topic of how to measure employee performance in a world where output volume is no longer an effective measure.

Establishing Lean Principles

This case study from Ernest Miller’s company blog illustrates how they helped a leading manufacturer of heat-sealed packaging equipment develop a new layout and operating guidelines based on Lean Principles for their new manufacturing and headquarters facility, and how they helped them plan and execute the move from their existing facility into the new one.

Leaders Must Stop Doing This

Amanda Setili explains why leaders should stop solving problems and provides seven things you can do to stop yourself from taking the problem-solving lead.