CBD and the FDA

Although cannabis is touted as the new gold-plated green rush, the FDA is cracking down on CBD health claims. David Gross explains.

Why Your Company Needs a Margin Story

While most companies fixate on growth as a measure of progress, the margin story can be the foundation that offers insight into the overall health of the business and whether its growth will be sustainable. Kapil Sharma gets straight to the point in this informative article.


Dan Markovitz explains the benefits of experimentation to see what doesn’t work, so you can figure out what might work, and proves the point with the example of the US women’s national soccer team’s World Cup winning record.

Super-sized out of the Market

Jason George explores the ouroboros effect in marketing and the contradiction of growth that began with the Happy Meal and ends with the recognition that small could be the new big.

How VC Funds Are Measured

This detailed article from Alessandro Santo explains the metrics that matter to VCs, and why it’s important to remember that  VC investors are “founders”: they run a company, they have clients, and they need to deliver results.

The Issue of Year over Year Growth

Martin Nel shares his expertise in retail banking and explains why striving for stable growth is not necessarily optimal from a pure financial theory perspective.

Taking the Disruptive Route

A short but valuable video from Kaihan Krippendorff who takes a leap forward by looking backward at the basis of the disruptive concept.

Partnerships for Social and Business Growth

Do you want to start or grow your social enterprise? Take a look at the latest news from Belinda Li’s company blog, and learn more about partnering with organizations that can help your company do good and do well.

Zagging to Success with a Zig-Zag Strategy

This post from Sarah Sonnenfeld and her partners identifies how today’s disruptive environment requires an agile strategy that accommodates mental shifts, new business models, and thinking the unthinkable. Read how Michelin, Ciba Vision, and Monsanto zagged their way to success.