What’s the Definition of Your Business?

Discover how Amazon’s battle with Netflix is teaching us to rethink competition and question how business should be defined in this article from Stephen Wunker’s company blog.

Following the Path to Innovation

In this TEDX talk at Columbia University, Kaihan Krippendorff discusses employee innovation within the model of disruption, and how it helps activate lean, agile innovation and growth in your organization.

Building Community from the Inside-out

Jennifer Hartz shares a story of a wise investment, socially and economically, and shows how banks and other funds can support projects like these and earn a meaningful financial return.

Don’t Miss the Boat on Enterprise Product Growth

In this comprehensive article on enterprise products, Alessandro Santo explains how user experience and growth is changing the enterprise game; how to customize the user funnel for enterprise; and how to align the four pillars of enterprise growth with consumer growth strategies.

Six Ways to Ensure Subscription Success

If you are selling SaaS subscriptions, or any kind of subscription-based service, Robbie Kellman Baxter offers six ways you can gain new customers and increase retention rates.

When Constraints Foster Creativity

Jason George explores the rise and fall of Detroit and compares it with the rise of Singapore to illustrate what worked, what didn’t and why. 

The Peril of Ignoring Prophetic Forewarnings

Luiz Zorzella draws inspiration from the writings of Homer (the Greek, not the Yellow) and applies it to the reason for failure in business when it comes to adopting innovation. He also provides steps you can take to avoid this common pitfall.

Five Steps to AI Transformation

There is no doubt that the shift to AI technology involves a large measure of disruption. Karthik Rajagopalan’s company blog defines five pillars that can help develop a strategy for businesses embarking on AI transformation.