Even if you have automated and shifted from physical mail to electronic delivery as much as possible, some important communications still come in hard copy via the postal service. If you are away from home for a stretch of time and live in the U.S., the United States Postal Service has a nice free feature […]

What have you found to be the best way to send or receive funds internationally, when the transfer involves a currency exchange? When I found that my bank charges a currency exchange fee of nearly 3%, I started using OFX, where the fee is under 1%.  Several Umbrex members have told me that they use Transferwise, which […]

I received an email from LinkedIn on Tuesday letting me know about a new feature: Here is the text of the email: “Today we’re piloting a new product dedicated specifically to business owners and freelancers: Open for Business. This new feature will enable you to showcase the services you provide on your profile, so that you […]

Audacity is a free audio editor that does a lot of the basics pretty well.

I had the Chase Sapphire credit card for about a year before I bothered to get Priority Pass, which is one of the included benefits but requires an extra step to sign up. For me, the Priority Pass membership alone justifies the annual fee for the Sapphire card, with the free access to lounges in nearly […]

There’s plenty of apps to read, review, and mark up PDFs. I find LiquidText particularly elegant. It’s the closest digital tool I’ve found that feels like I’m reading and writing on printed pages. You can highlight and make annotations on LiquidText – but that’s not what makes it great. My favorite feature is how you can pull out selections, […]

Margarita Soto has been a fan of Scribd for years; I’m a late adopter. Pay one monthly subscription and you get unlimited access to their library of books, audiobooks, and magazines.

Sarah Sonnenfeld loves Tripit, a tool that “makes sense of all your travel plans and creates a single itinerary for every trip.” 1. Forward your confirmation emails 2. Get a master itinerary 3. Download the app

At Top Tier New York last week, at one session we discussed favorite tech tools (thanks to Sarah Sonnenfeld for facilitating.) For a SaaS project management tool that can be shared with clients, several members recommended TeamGantt.

Michael Zipursky surveyed consultants on how they market their practice; you can check out the results here. I interviewed Michael on Episode 120 of Unleashed. One stat: 41% said making outbound phone calls is the marketing activity they dislike the most. (On Episode 170, David A. Fields shared his advice on how to make outbound calls.) How do you market your practice? […]

Feedly is an app I love to discover and then follow blogs. The discovery tool is great: enter one blog that you’d like to follow, and then the app suggests a series of other blogs on the same topic that you might also like. Some of the favorite blogs in my feed are (and I don’t […]

I believe that hosting a podcast is such an amazing opportunity for independent professionals. A single activity that allows you to simultaneously: Build relationships with your guests (potential clients) Learn something Raise your visibility / build credibility in your chosen niche In case you missed the “How to start a podcast” session last Friday but wanted […]