You know something that someone, somewhere, wants to learn. Consider creating an online course to share what you have to teach. In Episode 220 of Unleashed, Umbrex member Paul Millerd discusses how he has created several online courses. Paul’s StrategyU teaches basic consulting skills. His Carve Your Own Path course takes you on a journey to reimagine your relationship with work, […]

Discover how Amazon’s battle with Netflix is teaching us to rethink competition and question how business should be defined in this article from Stephen Wunker’s company blog. For many years now we’ve seen the dangers of defining your business too narrowly. Think about Borders, which pioneered the book megastore model. Rather than using the Internet’s […]


Jim Klass shares a short but poignant excerpt from a Yeats poem that is appropriate for today’s environment. A poem on the confusion of our era.   Read the full article, Although almost 100 years old Yeats poem is appropriate for today, on LinkedIn.

Robyn Bolton shares five techniques that can help you understand your toughest customers in this post recently published on Forbes. Let’s be honest, we love talking to people who just ‘get’ us. I believe this is because we often must hold a number of conversations with people who don’t ‘get’ us. In business, the people who […]


Paul Millerd shares greetings from Taipei and his thoughts about shorter workweeks, including recent news from Microsoft Japan where they implemented a four-day week and saw productivity jump 40 percent. Three years ago I was an office worker in New York City, working in a prestigious job making more money than I ever imagined (some […]


Jason George tackles the intricacies of tariffs and taxes and discusses the potential of a fair system that takes into account concentrated benefits and diffuse costs while dealing with the interests of the few vs. the masses. Observers who dig even a little into government policy in areas like tariffs or taxes might note some […]


Edward Kees provides the commentary from consultation on the Regulated Asset Base (RAB) model for new nuclear power plant investment in Great Britain. The challenges of delivering new nuclear power plant (NPP) investment in the reformed electricity industry in Great Britain are significant and there is no simple or easy approach to resolve those challenges. […]

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is walking down the street and hearing a language that I don’t even recognize being spoken. Click here for a zoomable map. Source: The Endangered Language Alliance Nepal fact of the day: There are 700 speakers globally of Seke, an indigenous language of Nepal.  100 of those speakers […]


I had seen the movie, but this book is extraordinary. FBI agent Joe Pistone infiltrated the mafia and stayed undercover for six years. A thrilling story and powerful meditation on what it takes to build trust. Recommended: Donnie Brasco by Joseph Pistone with Richard Woodley


Jesse Jacoby identifies a few of the core issues that can arise when bringing a new manager into the workplace. Good things are possible when new managerial blood is brought into an organization. For one thing, there are often fresh ideas. You know yourself how easy it is to get so close to something that […]

David A. Fields provides an eight-week plan for an effective strategic planning process that will engage and enthuse your team of consultants for the year ahead. If you develop an annual plan for your consulting firm, there’s a decent chance you sit down with your senior team and/or advisors for a day or two to […]


Geoff Wilson explains what Andrew Luck’s recent retirement from football should teach executives about protecting top talent. If you are an organizational leader who is leaning on a few star talents surrounded by a supporting cast of also-rans to ‘gut it out’ on a daily basis, you are playing a very dangerous game. Because when your […]