If you want to know more about the potential benefits, scope, pros and cons of business process outsourcing (BPO) and robotic process automation integration (RPA), check out this article from the knowledge hub on David Burnie’s company website.   Both BPO and RPA aim to achieve the goal of streamlining processes, achieving efficiency and increased productivity, […]

Kaihan Krippendorff provides three signposts that can direct your organization towards a successful pivot.   If people try to tell you that pivoting is the new thing, that it’s the fresh Silicon Valley approach to business designed for today’s fast-paced digital world, don’t believe them. Consider Fairfield University, a private school founded just outside of New […]

A beautiful piece of visual journalism by the New York Times on the iconic NYC subway map, which should get the Nobel Prize for Graphic Design. The designer of the map rode every subway line with his eyes closed to get a feel for the curves in the tracks! This story is worth three minutes […]


What are three things that you are really looking forward to the most? Source


How do criminals (notoriously an untrustworthy population) convince other criminals to trust them? Why do real-life criminals adopt language and symbols from gangster movies? Why is violence more common in prisons with a high inmate turnover? Absolutely fascinating throughout, and relevant even for those not considering a career switch to the underworld. One key theme: […]

The website Information is Beautiful is out with their 2019 Awards. Stunning.


I aim to pursue life with a five decade time horizon, and I enjoyed Simon Sinek’s argument in favor of playing The Infinite Game. “There is no such thing as coming in first in marriage or friendship.” “There is no such thing as winning education.” “No matter how successful we are in life, when we die, none […]


When you are meeting for the first time with someone new at a company you are serving, what do you say? I used to take up the first five minutes of the conversation by force-feeding the person with a summary of the project. Now I start with: “What have you already heard about this effort?” […]

“Stefan [Draschan] does it by camping in galleries for days, waiting for visitors who perfectly match the artworks they observe.” Some of these made me laugh out loud.


In What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture, Ben Horowitz, cofounder of legendary VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, explains that “culture is how your company makes decisions when you are not there.” I like that he draws lessons from a more diverse set of leaders than the typical business book, including […]


In Episode 213 of Unleashed, I share tips on how to source expert interviews for your projects, both through expert networks as well as how to find them yourself. (Here’s a transcript for those who prefer to read rather than listen.) The episode includes tips on: Using an Upwork researcher to create the target list for outreach How to […]

You could do an entire final progress review using one page like this.