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Topic: Video Conferencing

Set up a paid account with a videoconferencing tool – we recommend Zoom.

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  • Zoom is our top recommendation for video conferencing


Get yourself a video conferencing tool. There are at least half a dozen ones out there that I’ve used and been invited to at one point or  another … WebEx, and so forth. 

The one that about 70 percent of independent consultants that I know, have shifted to, is Zoom. If you don’t already have an account, I recommend you go out and get one. It’s the easiest one I find for other attendees to use. They can click on a link and use it on their phone. They can use it on their browser. It doesn’t require installing a lot of custom software, and all that headache. 

So, get yourself a Zoom subscription. If you’re using G Suite, it also integrates very nicely with Google Calendar, such that when you’re scheduling a meeting, you can just click one button, make it a Zoom meeting, and it populates all of the Zoom info. If people don’t want to be on a video conference, it also gives them a dial-in number. And there are dial-in numbers for just about every country. So, I highly recommend it. 

You should have at least one of these. And what I found is, and you may have found this as well, is that video conferences just up the intimacy level, and the information exchange compared to a teleconference. For one thing, people have to pay more attention, because it’s a little bit more obvious if you’re just checking your mail, or not paying attention. 

The second thing is, just seeing the other players face-to-face makes it much more intimate and personal. So, where our own internal team meetings, here at Umbrex, we’ve been using Zoom now for about two years. And we find it just makes meetings quicker. You have a greater sense of connectedness even though we’re all working remotely.

So, get yourself a Zoom subscription.