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Topic: Using Loyalty Programs

Once you’ve left a big firm or corporation, re-assess your travel company loyalty programs, as your travel patterns may change. Take advantage of existing status and points before they expire, and consider consolidating your spend going forward.

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As you transition from being employed by potentially a large corporation or a professional services firm to running your own firm, it’s a good time to assess all the different loyalty plans that you’re signed up with. Your travel patterns may change. So this is not a make or break thing of your professional service firm. But it is worth putting a little bit of thought and effort into — laying out all your airplane, hotel, car rental — all those types of loyalty plans.

And to figuring out where do you now want to consolidate your business, now that you’re paying for it for yourself? Just make sure that you’re signed up with those plans. You might want to do an audit of all the points you have available and any kind of expiration dates, just so that you avoid letting any of those points expire, and try to use them up if you can.