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Topic: Taking Notes

Set up a note-taking system to keep notes organized. We recommend using Evernote

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Get yourself a note-taking tool that you love. Now, a lot of people recommend and I’ll recommend, Evernote. There’s an app for your phone, one for your tablet, a web version. And it is awesome. 

Anytime that I’m taking notes from a client call, for example, rather than just opening up a Word document, I’ll open up Evernote and create a new note, take those notes on my iPad, let’s say, and then they’re available everywhere. 

If you’re reading an article online, you can just capture on Evernote. That’ll save that entire webpage in Evernote for you, so you can read it in the future even if that article gets taken off of the website. If you’re on your phone reading an article, you can also use the app to capture that article.

So, you can capture webpages. If you don’t want the full webpage, you can just capture just the web article or even just the URL. It’s invaluable. In terms of using Evernote, you can classify things using tags, or you can classify them by putting them into folders.

There’s a whole podcast devoted to just how to use Evernote. That’s the tool that I recommend. There are probably some good competing tools. Particularly in projects, when you’re doing a lot of web research, and you want to refer back to it later, any page that I find when I’m doing some web research on a project, I will save that whole page on Evernote. 

And then, file it in a folder for that project. That way, if I have any questions about it, or if someone says, “Where’d you get that data?” I don’t need to research the internet again. I have it all saved in my Evernote account.