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Topic: Setting Up International Calling

To make international calls with clients, get accounts with both Skype and WhatsApp. Your clients may prefer one or the other.

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As you’re setting up your own independent consulting practice, review your telecom status. Perhaps you were at a firm where your employer was paying your cell phone bill, and now you’re setting up on your own, so, look for the plan that’s gonna make sense. 

If you have AT&T, then you ought to select the international day pass option. That’s been, I think, a big nice feature for AT&T users. That allows you, if you are in a foreign country, you pay just 10 dollars for each day that you’re in that country, and then you get unlimited use of data, as well as you can call, make local calls in that country, and you can call back to the United States. 

You can also call other countries, not just that country —you can call any country, and it’s just the flat 10 dollar fee for that day. So, that’s pretty good. If you don’t already have an account, get yourself a Skype account so that you can make international calls using Skype. And also, if you don’t have one already  get yourself a WhatsApp account so that you can make WhatsApp calls internationally. 

Even though you may not want to be on WhatsApp yourself, in some cases, if a client, if that’s their natural home, then you want to be able to talk to the tool that they’re comfortable with. So, Skype, WhatsApp, think about your international roaming. 

Get yourself the highest internet speed possible at your home. It’s going to be worth it after a while to make sure that you’re on Verizon Fios or the highest-speed available.