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Topic: Setting Up DocuSign

E-signature software such as DocuSign makes it easy to share and sign contracts. Reduces friction.

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Useful links

  • Unleashed Episode 42: Will Bachman on Docusign (and other tools)
  • DocuSign is our recommended e-signature tool, the choice of more than 50% of independent consultants we surveyed.


Get yourself a tool for e-signatures. As an independent professional, you’re going to be signing a lot of contracts and paperwork … Nondisclosure agreements, master service agreements, statements of work, insurance information from your accountant, from your bookkeeper — all sorts of paperwork. 

And it is a hassle to print, sign, scan, email. So, get yourself an e-signature tool. I personally like DocuSign … very robust tool; allows you to upload a file. It’s very simple to learn how to use.

You put in an email address of the people that you want to send it to, plus yourself. And then, you just easily drag and drop, on there, where you want the signatures to go, or if you need the other person to fill out information like their title, or their address. 

And then, boom, hit send. It’s legally accepted for contract purposes. And it makes life a whole lot easier on yourself, as well as the people that you’re trying to work with.