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Topic: Setting Up a Backup Computer

Your laptop will eventually fail, probably right before a major progress review. Be prepared: get a second laptop and set it up with all your software and settings, and sync all your important files.

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Get yourself a laptop and more importantly, get a back-up computer. Eventually, your laptop is going to fail. And by Murphy’s Law, it’s going to fail at the worst, possible time. Some Sunday night, right before you’re about to fly out to an important client presentation the next day and all your files on your laptop and your laptop fails.

So get yourself a back-up laptop and have it set up just like your primary laptop. Whether you’re using Dropbox or or some other type of file replication software with your back-up laptop have all of the files on there that you need and all the software that you need. Keep that thing in hot standby. And when your laptop fails, you’ll be ready to go. You just turn on the back-up and you’re ready to go.