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Topic: Selecting an Email Marketing Tool

A newsletter helps you provide value to your professional network – and keep you top of mind. An email marketing tool such as Mailchimp allows you to send professional designed HTML emails, track open-rates and click-rates, and include an unsubscribe button.

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Get yourself an email list management system. I recommend Mailchimp. HubSpot is great if you have a much, much larger mailing list in the multiple thousands or tens of thousands. But if you’re a sort of two thousand or less, Mailchimp is free and it works very, very well. 

The benefits of a system like Mailchimp over just sending out emails from your own personal email address is if you try to send an email to a newsletter with, for example, with Gmail, if you send more than 500 emails in a day, Gmail’s actually going to lock your account for a time … considering you to be a spammer.

 So that’s one disadvantage. The other nice advantage of using  Mailchimp, is it gives you all sorts of ability to do analytics on —how many opens did you get? When did they open it? What did people click on? 

So it gives you some analytics. And it also allows a(n) easier method of having real rich, multi-media emails with text and more design to it.

It’s a bit of an art and science to design a template for email. So, you might want to hire a contractor or a freelancer to help you just set up that template. But once you have a template set up then it’s pretty easy to drag and drop and create your new emails.

Now, I’m talking about this primarily for sending out newsletters to a group. And newsletter is something we’ll talk more about in business development and marketing, but it’s a really fantastic tool to periodically be able to send out a newsletter to the people that you know.