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Topic: Print Business Cards

While business cards may seem old-fashioned, they make you look more professional when meeting clients.

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Once you have your logo designed, go ahead and get business cards. Now business cards are a little bit old-school, but still, when you’re sitting down with a client for the first time around the table, the client may be handing you their business card. It’s embarrassing if you don’t have one.

It’s just helpful at a meeting or a conference or other kind of networking event to have some business cards.

So after you’ve got a logo designed, have a professional designer design your business card and get them printed by a quality shop. I really recommend 

I’ve gone for their deluxe, extra-thick cards. I mean every time I hand one out, people say, “Oh, that’s a thick card.” And of course, the joke is “the smaller the firm, the thicker the card stock”. So I recommend (you) get business cards. is a great source; links in the episode notes.