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Topic: Packing Your Laptop Bag

Your laptop bag is your mobile office – be deliberate about what you carry. Create your own checklist that may include passport, chargers, nail clippers, checkbook, HDMI cable, power bank, graph paper, cash, extra eye glasses, and a spare credit card in case you lose your wallet.

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As an independent professional you’ll often be on the road out at a client site, and it’s worth being prepared in putting some thought into what you want to carry with you.

So, in the notes for this episode, we have a list that you can take a look at and use as a checklist for the things that you want to carry with you.

Some people like to always have their passport in case they have to hop on a plane on short notice. Some people like to have all the different kinds of cable options in case they need to connect their computer to a monitor at a client site — and have all the different HDMI and display port and USB options that they might need.

Some people like carrying graph paper. Some people like carrying some stamps and envelopes. So, whatever it is that’s going work for you, be deliberate about it, and have a space designated in your laptop bag for those different options.