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Topic: Getting a Scanner App

A scanner app on your phone helps avoid dealing with paper and saves time when you’re traveling.

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Get yourself a scanner app for your phone. There will be times, even though you’ve tried to avoid ever dealing with paper, that you’ll get some paper that you need to sign, and send in. Or, that you want to just take in, you know, a letter in the mail from the IRS and you wanna send it to your accountant. 

It’s great when you’re an independent professional, and often on the road, to have a scanner app on your phone. Personally, I like Scanner Pro. There are probably a bunch of other apps out there that are like it. What Scanner Pro allows you to do is you can take a picture of the document  

It will automatically sense the boundaries of the page, and automatically crop it to those boundaries. You can take pictures of multiple pages. And then, instead of sending multiple JPEGs, it will take all of those pages and combine it into one PDF that you can title. And then, save it to the app, as well as forward it via email to yourself, or anybody that you like. 

So, scanner app, Scanner Pro, a fantastic tool. There’s probably some great other ones out there. It’s definitely something that you want to have on your phone.