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Topic: Get a Professional Photo

A great headshot photo helps establish you as a business professional. Not only will you use it on your LinkedIn account, but often you’ll use it anytime you’re asked to present at an event or contribute to an article.

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Get yourself a professional photograph to use on your LinkedIn bio, and other locations where you’re going to be asked for a photograph. The photograph, these days, is a little bit like the suit of interviews in the past. It’s the first thing that people see when they look at your bio on LinkedIn and probably has more impact on their impression of you than your write up for experience and your education. So, invest in it. 

One rule of thumb is take your annual income that you’re targeting, divide that by 1,000, and that’s how much you should spend on your photograph. 

If you’re targeting $500,000 a year, spend $500 on your photograph. We have, in the show notes for this episode, a list of photographers by city, who members of the Umbrex community have recommended. And you can check those out. It’s a place to start.