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Topic: Get a Logo Designed

You can create a logo using a tool like Looka, or get a logo designed on a design site such as crowdSPRING or 99designs by allowing designers to propose a design and only paying for the one you like best.

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Useful links

  • Umbrex Resource: Directory of Website Professionals (including graphic/logo designers).
  • We recommend Looka for designing your own logo (an update since this video was filmed).
  • Consider using design crowdsourcing sites such as crowdSPRING or 99designs. On these sites, you post the project and multiple designers offer their solution. You pick the winner. To get a quality logo, you should guarantee that someone wins the prize, and make the prize higher than the minimum fee.
  • Or choose a designer whose style you like. On Fiverr you can find designers and see a portfolio of their work.


The first step in developing all your marketing collateral is to get a logo designed. Now, if you design your logo yourself, it will probably look like you designed it yourself….unless you happen to have a background in graphic design.

I recommend you get a professional to do it. One path that some people take is to use one of the crowdsourcing design sites, such as or 99designs.

Typically on these sites, you commit to paying a certain amount of money. Any one of the participants on the sites can propose a design. You select one of those designs; The one that you select, that person gets paid. Everyone else gets nothing. That’s one way to go.

If you go in at the lower end on crowdspring and other types of crowdsourcing sites, you’ll get a lot of designs that look pretty generic out of the box. You could consider offering a higher fee or you may decide to work directly with a graphic designer. Either way, you’re going to need a logo before you do your business cards, before you do correspondence cards, before you do (a)PowerPoint template, or just about all your other marketing collateral.

So, as soon as you have your name, go ahead and get a logo designed.