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Topic: Finding a Remote IT Professional

An information technology (IT) professional can keep your business running smooth. Most can manage your applications using remote login tools.

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Find a remote IT professional for your virtual team. So, when you were at a big firm they probably had an IT help desk. But, you don’t have that anymore, so you need to find your own help desk. In Episode 45 of Unleashed, I interviewed Roger Lee, and that’s what he does. He’s effectively a remote help desk for hundreds of clients.

You want to get that person now, before you need them, so they can install some software on your computer. So that will allow them to remotely log in as long as you’re connected to the Internet. You can also have that person do some hygiene checks of your computer, make sure that your virus software is working properly, make sure that you’re not about to run out of memory… with the… or that you’re properly protected, and the person can also give you some advice on security.

So, I suggest that you check out episode 45. Listen to Roger’s thoughts on the types of things that an IT professional can do for you, And then ask around, ask your friends for referrals, find out who they use. And get that person on your team now, before you need them.