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Topic: Finding a Graphic Production Service

Find a freelance graphic designer who will turn your hand-drawn pages into professional-quality PowerPoint (PPT) presentations.

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Find a PowerPoint person for your virtual team. When you were at a consulting firm, you may have used one of the services where you could hand draw your pages, send them overnight to somewhere overseas and have them back in the morning. Those services are definitely available for independent professionals now.

A lot of alumni of those firms who used to be graphics folks at McKinsey or Bain or BCG, have now become independent professionals themselves and they’re available to hire.

It takes a little bit of work to go find one. There are some firms that we recommend. There’ll be some links here in the show notes. Azist is a firm that’s based in Argentina. They do very good work. You can also just ask around and you can probably find someone that you trust. You want to put a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place and test them out before you really need it, so have someone design a few slides.

When you’re just starting, you’ll want to get your own PowerPoint template designed and most PowerPoint professionals can create that slide template for you with your logo on it, your branding and some of the basic slides that you like to use