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Topic: Create a One-page Overview

Create a one-page overview of your business to help prospective clients better understand the services your consulting business provides and examples of projects or clients you’ve served.

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Create a one-page overview of your firm. If you really must, it can be three, or four pages. But ideally, one page. This is one of the hardest things, at least for me to do, of any of this marketing collateral… is trying to boil down it all onto one page. 

But you’re often going to be asked, “Oh, okay. I’d like to introduce you to my colleagues or tell my colleagues about your service. “Could you send me a one-pager?”

Just a one-page bio is not the greatest. It’s nice to have a one-page that says something about what kind of clients you serve, and what capabilities you have, and what sort of services you offer. And, you know, some kind of perhaps, recognition.

If there’s a quote from a client on there about how great your work was,or one or two references…
If it says that you’ve served, you know, 17 of the top 20 pharma companies, something like that. 

It’s tough to boil it down, so you can start now. It may take some time. Work with a graphic designer so it really looks sharp and professional. It’s worth the effort. 

When you have one of these one-pagers ready to go, it creates a really great impression and allows clients to advocate for you internally by passing that one-pager around.