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Topic: Create a Bio Page

A bio page is a one-page overview, written in a text format rather than a resume format. Clients may ask to see your bio page or want you to provide a bio when they bring you on as a consultant.

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Now, I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of the bio page. I typically prefer just to see a standard straight-up resume version of someone’s background. 

Bio pages, with the text-heavy nature of them, it’s often hard to pull out the details that you’re really looking for. But you may, from time to time, be asked to supply a bio page. So, it’s good to have one ready to go that is more of a narrative description of your background.

More often you’ll probably, if you’re partnering with another consulting firm, or if an intermediary’s bringing you into a project, those entities may provide you with a template. Say, “Here’s our PowerPoint template, go ahead and fill it in.” 

And then obviously, you could fill it in when you’re needed to for those projects. It’s useful to have a one-page bio just in case you get asked for it. You might not get asked for it too frequently. But in case you do, you want to have it ready to go.