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Topic: Manage Your Contact Information

A contact management system is used to support business development and make it easy to stay in touch with clients by managing your contact information.

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As you’re setting up your own firm, develop a system that’s going to work for you and your technology to manage all of your contact information … which is one of the most valuable assets that you own as an independent consultant. So every time you get an email from someone that has a phone number in it, you should have a system for hoovering that up and storing it. 

And you want to make sure that the system that you develop is able to sync between your phone and the browser that’s available to you. Phone numbers and email addresses are invaluable. So whether you decide to use Outlook or G Suite or Gmail contacts or another type of contact management system, make sure it’s a system that’s going to work for you that can sync across all your devices.

I make a real effort whenever I receive an email from someone that I might want to contact in the future, that I capture that email, I capture that phone number from their email and I store it in Outlook. For me, Outlook syncs from my computer to my phone. So as emails come in with phone numbers on them, capture those phone numbers, store them, figure out a system that will sync from your phone to the web and to other tools that you use.