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Topic: Choosing an Attorney

Find an attorney who is familiar with the world of independent professionals. You may want an attorney’s help to create your firm’s operating agreement, to prepare contract templates, and to review contracts that you receive from clients. If you hire an employee or engage any subcontractors, you may want to refer to an employment attorney […]

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Find an attorney for your virtual team. As you work on this I recommend you listen to episode 12 of Unleashed where I interviewed Matt Weill. He’s an attorney based in New York City who’s very familiar with the world of independent consulting. In that episode we take a sample contract and we go through it paragraph by paragraph, talking about all the major terms that you may encounter, termination, liability, indemnity clauses, location of laws, all those different … Confidentiality.

You’re probably going to be wanting to talk to attorneys to review contracts that you’re signing with clients, contracts that you sign with subcontractors, non-disclosure agreements. Those are the typical documents that you’re going to see. We also, in the notes for this episode, we have a sample contract that you can download. We’re not giving legal advice here. We recommend that you take that as a starting point, go talk to an attorney and customize it for your needs.