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Topic: Buy Correspondence Cards

Professionally-designed correspondence cards with your name and logo can be used as thank-you notes for client, staff, and vendors.

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I recommend, in addition to getting business cards, that you get yourself correspondence cards approximately four inches by six inches. 

These are a really nice touch to send out as a thank you note, thank you to the hotel, thank you to the executive assistant, a note after you’ve met a client or a potential client. Say, “Hey, it was nice to meet you, I enjoyed the discussion.” 

Or at the end of a project, thanking people for their help on it. It’s just a really nice touch to send a note in the mail. And if you have a stack of these sitting by your desk or in your laptop bag, you’re a lot more likely to send them out.

So when you have your graphic designer helping with your business card design, you can use that same graphic designer, “Hey, let’s do a correspondence card at the same time.” 

Mine includes our logo, my name, address, email, and phone number at the bottom. And, I recommend for these, as well.