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Topic: Building a Facilitator Toolkit

A facilitator toolkit is where you’ll keep markers, binder clips, index cards, yellow stickies. You’ll impress clients when you show up with a fully stocked toolbox.

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So this one is setting up your office facilitator tool kit. I learned this tip from Aneta Key and Esther Kim. If your independent consultant practice is going to involve much meeting facilitation, you may want to put together, in addition to your laptop bag, a separate facilitator tool kit. 

So in that, you can have all the different kinds of markers, binder clips, index cards, yellow stickies … any kind of things that you’re going to use as a facilitator, on a regular basis.

Put those together in a tool kit. You might get an actual literal toolbox from a home improvement store to pack all those things in there, so they have a designated spot. And, when you show up at a client site you’ll have all those things at the ready.

It creates a real impression on a client when you show up, and you’re ready with all of those tools at hand.