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Topic: Build a Website

A good website demonstrates your professionalism and credibility. Even if clients don’t find your through your website, they are likely to check it before meeting with you.

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Create a website for your independent consulting practice. Now, frankly, the first most important is your LinkedIn profile. That’s probably where clients are going to go first to check you out. But a website is also important. Now, a website can serve several different layers of purpose.

At the most basic, a website should demonstrate credibility for someone who’s already interested and already checking you out… just to show that, yes, you have a real practice. You really offer services. You have the sophistication to create a website that has a fairly decent design. It doesn’t look like it was built in 2005.

You know… basic website, with a “home” page, a “services” page, a “contact us”, and a little “about” section with a bio of you, is sufficient to get started.

At higher levels of sophistication, you could work on building websites that actually could be lead generators, where you’re looking to capture contact information and offer some free, downloadable material that you’ve developed. That’s fine and it could be worth the investment. But at a minimum, you want to start at least with a basic website that has your picture, your bio, the services you offer.

If you’ve written some white papers or other thought leadership, it’s obviously a place to include links to all of that. If you’ve been a guest on a podcast, you want to include that. If you’ve been a guest blogging other places, include that. 

Have your contact information so people can check it out and say, yes, this person’s credible, they have a real website, they’re a real business. We’ll include some links for some recommended resources in the notes for this episode.