Setting Up Your Consulting Practice

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Topic: Automate Your Financial Life

Your business will keep you busy and you may be traveling. It’s best to automate your mortgage, utilities, phone bill, and other expenses by setting up automatic payments.

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You may have already done this one. But if not, now is a good time as you go through all this other transition in setting up your own independent consulting firm to automate your financial life to the maximum extent possible.

You’re going to be busy running your business. You may be traveling. As much as possible, automate your financial life, your mortgage, your utilities, any other regular bills, and your telephone bill. Have them all automatically deducted from your checking or on your credit card.

And you should aspire such that you never have to write a check and mail it. So, if you haven’t already automated your financial life, now’s a good time to set up all those automatic payments.