The Power of Why and How to Harness It

Asking the right questions are the building blocks of all successful consulting practices, client relationships, and project outcomes. Author, and exceptional stick figure artiste, David A. Fields provides a framework of ‘whys’ to help guide context discussions.

Outthinker Thinking from the Inside

Author of four books on strategy, Kaihan Krippendorff moves beyond divisive politics in this insightful post on what it takes to be a president.

A Corporate Framework for “Doing Good”

Simplicity can be difficult to achieve when dealing with complex issues, Michael Egan shares his process for breaking down the complex to help identify root causes and solutions, especially when it comes to “Doing Good.”

How to Overcome Two Obstacles that Hold You Back

Phillip Ebert identifies the two factors that prevent us from moving forward with ideas, and he offers a five solid steps that help break through the blocks other self-help instructions fail to breach.