Words not to Live By

  In a world that has an abundance of aphorisms and rules for every occasion, Robbie Kellman Baxter suggests that the community of professionals think twice before following advice.

Fixing the Supply Chain Sustainably

Shane Heywood provides an article that reveals how beer manufacturers are collaborating with smallholder farms to get a more secure supply chain, lower the cost of raw materials, and empower more households with income, and all in addition to improving yields from farming that could change lives for the 2 Bn+ smallholder farmers in the […]

How to Get on Board with the Membership Economy

Robbie Baxter explains why companies need to prioritize their mission over their products to take advantage of new technologies and services and build a new kind of relationship with today’s–and tomorrow’s–members.

Why Cash is Still King

There are four good reasons for holding on to a cash-based economy, Tobias Baer reveals the hidden economic benefits and explains why cash is still king.

What’s the Definition of Your Business?

Discover how Amazon’s battle with Netflix is teaching us to rethink competition and question how business should be defined in this article from Stephen Wunker’s company blog.

Creating the Customer Experience

This article from Toopan Bagchi’s company blog explains why creating an experience beyond the transaction is more important than ever for companies that want to gain and retain loyal customers.

A Weird Life and Shorter Workweek

Paul Millerd shares greetings from Taipei and his thoughts about shorter workweeks, including recent news from Microsoft Japan where they implemented a four-day week and saw productivity jump 40 percent.